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25 Oct
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12 Nov
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The Third Sector Partnership Award

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The delivery of many public services in challenging environments is only possible if the public sector and the third sector work together. These partnerships provide the day-to-day public services that support and care for people and communities throughout Scotland. And they are often lifelines for vulnerable citizens who could otherwise go unnoticed.

We are entering a new phase for public services with huge transformations taking place when resources are scarce.  It is essential that money is spent wisely, but people and communities need services that meet their needs and don’t just save money. Services need to shift the emphasis to prevention.

With innovative ideas and plenty of enthusiasm, it is possible for a project or partnership to make a significant impact. If you’re a public sector and third sector organisation delivering a service or a project that is making a big difference to people and communities, then this is the award for you.

The judges will be looking for clear evidence - facts and figures and real-life examples - of how the partnership has made a difference and supported and improved the lives of people and communities (this may include case studies and/or testimonials).

The underlying aim of the award is simply to recognise excellence. Each submission must indicate clearly to the judges the nature and scope of the challenge(s) faced. The judges will be looking for examples of excellent work with evidence of effective approaches which are supported by hard facts that demonstrate impact.

This award will recognise public and third sector organisations working in partnership to deliver better outcomes in public services. 

Nominations can be made by either of the partnership organisations or third sector organisations themselves or public sector organisations they are working with and by the people who are benefiting from the service.