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SPSA - Campbell Christie

OHCA co-responding - Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and Scottish Ambulance Service

Co-responding between the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) began in November 2015 with the intention of getting help to people suffering an out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) as quickly as possible to increase their chances of survival. Staff from SAS trained SFRS crews to deliver high-quality CPR. Where fire crews are closer than ambulance staff or paramedics, the specially trained fire crews, equipped with life-saving defibrillators and oxygen, will respond to the emergency alongside ambulance medics. The approach has resulted in a more efficient response, particularly in rural areas there are challenges around geography. Results indicate that the trial has been positive and a number of lives having been saved. The SFRS evaluation of the co-responding trials found that the SFRS attended 146 OHCA calls and made approximately 41 potentially life-saving interventions, with 14 lives being saved.

SPSA - Community Engagement

Street Stuff - Renfrewshire Community Safety Partnership and St Mirren FC

Street Stuff provide diversionary activities and support programmes for harder to reach young people across Renfrewshire. The organisation is a partnership between Renfrewshire Council, St Mirren FC, Engage Renfrewshire, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Over the past year, there have been 43,000 recorded attendees of activities such as football, dance and clubbercise. These activities have improved social inclusion and access to young people who may not otherwise have access. They also provide workshops for young people on topics such as anti-social behaviour, alcohol and drug awareness, and fire safety. Within the last year, Street Stuff has also become an active partner in the Paisley 2021 bid with the prime objective of raising awareness of cultural activities and engaging young people in all of Renfrewshire’s communities. Since its founding, there has been a 65% reduction in young people disorder. 

SPSA - Third Sector Partnerships

Food, Families, Futures - Children in Scotland

In 2016 Children in Scotland launched Food, Families, Futures (FFF), a groundbreaking project addressing food poverty and its links with education and health, focused on areas of deprivation in Scotland. FFF is an innovative multi-partner project, combining third sector and business expertise with schools at the heart of their communities, responding to local need. FFF was created specifically in response to schools we work with reporting that many families face difficulties during holiday periods when free school meal entitlement ends and the demands on parents’ time and money increase.

This year we have successfully expanded FFF in to 7 sites across Glasgow, offering more than 4000 places over the summer holidays. Partnerships have also expanded and include F.A.R.E. and New Gorbals Housing Association. A real success of this year’s clubs was the food aspects, with community chefs at the majority of the clubs working with the children and families to prepare hot daily meals.

SPSA - Project & Programme Management

The Forth Replacement Crossing project - Transport Scotland

Opening to the public on 30 August 2017, the ‘Forth Replacement Crossing’ project has combined innovative design, exceptional project management and quality governance to improve overall transport links between Edinburgh, Fife, Tayside and the North of Scotland.

The success of the ‘Forth Replacement Crossing’ project can be seen through the creation and maintenance of strong relationships across borders with partners both at home and abroad, and also the development of strong communication internally and externally to ensure transparency in the face of high levels of public scrutiny towards the project.

With measurable benefits including business opportunities for several Scottish firms through sub-contracts and supply orders, and the employment of 15,000 people, the project successfully delivered a cost saving of 65% on the original budget, and is now being recognised as a benchmark for further projects across Scotland. 

SPSA - Leadership

Alexander Holt, Head of CivTech® - Scottish Government

Alexander leads CivTech®, the Scottish Government’s innovative business accelerator programme focused exclusively on harnessing entrepreneurial, digital talent to address public service challenges.

With the support of his colleagues across Scottish Government, Alexander has built a team whose ethos is the relentless pursuit of excellence. This permeates every interaction with partners across all sections of society: private, public, third sectors, academia, citizen groups and international bodies.

Under Alexander’s leadership, CivTech® has broken new ground in the way in which the Scottish Government procures digital services. CivTech® is now providing a pathway for tech SMEs to secure public sector contracts, with an opportunity to shape the digital transformation of public services. This offers real opportunities to deliver better services for citizens and better value for service providers.

With a passion for developing talent, and acting on feedback from Challenge Sponsors who recognised the value of the programme to public servants, Alexander has instigated an Intrapreneurship Programme to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in government, to build a resourceful, dynamic culture.

SPSA - Communications

Save Our Ferry campaign - Corporate Communications, North Ayrshire Council

The Keep it A(rdrossan) to B(rodick) – Save Our Ferry campaign was launched by the North Ayrshire Council in 2016 to retain the ferry service between Ardrossan and Brodick, on the isle of Arran, on the back of the news that the Associated British Ports, owners of the Port of Troon, were bidding for Arran ferry. With the threat of the loss of Ardrossan’s key economic driver, the team compiled key factsheets supporting their case which were distributed on Arran and the mainland. A letter drive was arranged through the dedicated Save Our Ferry webpage and hard copies were available in public spaces. They also organised campaign launch events which were publicised on social media using the hashtag #SaveOurFerry. Through social media alongside traditional print and broadcast media, the campaign won their cause and it was announced in April 2017 that Ardrossan would retain the Arran ferry. 

SPSA - Digital

Attend Anywhere Project Team - NHS 24, NHS National Service Scotland and NHS Grampian

The Attend Anywhere Project is designed to support transformational change in Health and Care services. Consisting of staff members from the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare in NHS 24, NHS NSS and the National VC team in NHS Grampian, the project took the benefits of traditional conference calling and removed the barriers to accessibility that prevented it being a viable consultation option. Requiring only internet and a web browser means people can consult with a health professional securely, from their own home, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Rated 90% for ease of use, the Attend Anywhere Project also removes the stress and expense of travel to local health care facilities, as well as providing more convenient and readily-available appointments. Improved access translates to improved care and ultimately improved outcomes.

SPSA - Gender Equality

Men in Childcare - Perth & Kinross Council

This innovative project aims to address the inequality within the early years and childcare workforce. This project, involving a free bespoke night class specifically for men, gives an introduction to working with children in a professional capacity.

This project has been running for 3 years, each year this has varied slightly in delivery to respond to the group. This year the NPA was replaced with a Play unit, a Child Development unit and a Working in Childcare unit.

This project gives men an introduction and the opportunity to experience early years and childcare theory and practice, with support from PKC, whilst gaining a qualification.

SPSA - Rising Star

Demi Lee Lumsden, City of Edinburgh Council

Demi is a Customer Service Adviser who in her day to day role takes calls from Tenants in Edinburgh requesting Repairs to their homes. Demi also recently took on the role of Academy leader within the team and was involved with the development of five new staff that had just joined our department.

Demi’s leadership within the academy has meant that they are now achieving between 95 & 100% in their Quality Assurance Scores. This is amongst the highest scores we have seen in any academy we have had. Demi’s example has inspired others in the team to want to develop and learn and we use Demi as one of the benchmarks for our current Modern Apprentices to show them what can be achieved.

SPSA - Employee Development

DLITE Teacher Recruitment - Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire has experienced some of the worst teacher shortages in the country. In response, Aberdeenshire council developed the Distance Learning Initial Teacher Education (DLITE) Programme as part of its ‘Pathways into Teaching’ strategy. This innovative programme enabled able and talented employees to enter the teaching profession. This capitalised on existing issues to create strengths – recruiting participants already established locally, sponsoring their training to remove financial barriers, and using blended learning so that the convenience of remote learning is strengthened with supportive learning experiences as well as traditional School Experience placements. This resulted in an additional 10-20 teachers in the permanent workforce annually as well as effectively widening access to the profession with 59% of the first cohort having never previously applied for entry in to the teaching profession. Such success has been adopted by other northern local authorities, with the DLITE programme now in operation in three other councils.

SPSA - Policy Development

North Ayrshire Inclusive Growth Pilot - Scottish Government and North Ayrshire Council

In a partnership between the Scottish Government and North Ayrshire Council, the ‘North Ayrshire Inclusive Growth Pilot’ is a pioneering project targeted at increasing inclusive economic growth in one of Scotland’s most deprived communities.

Working closely with the Council, the Scottish Government developed a ‘prioritisation tool’ for the area, which helped North Ayrshire identify how to prioritise investment decisions and policy actions across local, regional and national decision-making levels for long-term transformational growth.

SPSA - Commercial Partnerships

Domestic Furniture and Furnishings Framework - Scotland Excel

Scotland Excel's Domestic Furniture and Furnishings (DFF) Framework was implemented in November 2016. It is an innovative and successful example of how a public procurement approach can meet the needs of councils and local residents, while also creating economic opportunities for the Scottish re-use market and for supported businesses.

The framework is the primary means by which local authorities in Scotland spend their allocation of the government’s Scottish Welfare Fund to furnish temporary homes for those in need.  

SPSA - Lifetime Achievement

Professor Alice Brown CBE

Professor Alice Brown CBE