December 4th 2019 | Garden Lobby, The Scottish Parliament


22 Jul
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4 Oct
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30 Oct
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Law Society of Scotland

For almost 70 years, the Law Society has represented the interests of solicitors and the interests of the public with respect to our profession. We hold an important and prominent role at the heart of civic Scotland as one of the pillars of pluralism and independence in society.

As the professional body for around 12,000 Scottish solicitors, who collectively engage with people, businesses and organisations across an incredibly broad spectrum of issues, we are able to access a broad base of experience and expertise.

We seek to influence the creation of a fairer and more just society through our active and extensive engagement with the Scottish and United Kingdom Governments, Parliaments, wider stakeholders and our membership.  

Hundreds of experts in their field, from the legal profession and beyond, volunteer their knowledge and experience to our policy committees, which have an overarching aim of ensuring that the laws passed by our Parliament are good, practical laws which realise their policy intentions.

Good policies need good law to make them work and policy development is crucial to the development of our economy and society. We are delighted to support the Policy Development Award.